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Social Media and Email Marketing


Social Media and Email Marketing Consultation

No time to devote to this powerful platform? SMM will, after a short interview with you, create an optimized profile that will have you showing up higher in search results than 95% of LinkedIn accounts.

The end result will be an effective and professional profile that stands out as leading edge and positions you for lead-generation and business building on the worlds' largest professional network.

As your company's roadmap to digital marketing success, this stand-alone document outlines in detail the steps necessary to accomplish your company's goals. It covers all aspects of account creation and management using the appropriate platforms for your company. As well, your strategy outlines in detail specific instructions on how to maximise these platforms and a timeline to ensure your company rolls out its social media and email marketing presence in an effective manner.

We create the content for your company to shine in the social arena. With so many questions surrounding what to post, when and where, how to keep risk low and authenticity high, we answer all of them with complete campaign management.  

From creating graphics for each account that are in keeping with your branding, to posting consistently to accomplish your company's goals, SMM will be as involved as makes sense to effectively express your message to your target audience.

Once the correct platforms have been determined to meet your company's goals, we will customise training solutions for the members of your team who will have a hand in campaign management.

Our training solutions cover all social media platforms, email marketing with Constant Contact, marketing methods, terminology and trends.

​Training can be delivered either in person or virtually.

​Regardless of your level of involvement in your company's digital presence, you will benefit by regularly consulting with SMM to minimise mistakes, troubleshoot issues and brainstorm campaigns. This service can be offered on a retainer basis.

​For Executives and Their Teams

​Optimized Profile Creation

A comprehensive, customised series of training that creates an effective lead-generating system from your LinkedIn profile.

This series consists of half-day sessions for the key players in your company, covering everything from Profile Optimization to Social Selling on LinkedIn and much more.

Sessions can be completed either in person or virtually.