For Executives and Their Teams

Leverage the incredible power of the world’s largest professional network to realise qualified leads, get more sales and positively affect your company’s bottom line.

During your training you and your team will learn:

  • How to create an optimized profile that puts you in front of your competition, highlights your corporate profile and gets you seen by decision makers. 

  • To ensure your key players are expressing a clear message that highlights your company objectives on the LinkedIn platform. 

  • To understand and utilise Social Selling techniques that save your company and sales team valuable resources while increasing conversions.

  • To take advantage of the power of LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn CRM and more, in order to strategically reach out and nurture relationships with your ideal client.

  •  How to use LinkedIn Etiquette and Best Practices to enhance your credibility and cement  your ‘expert’ status.

  • How to practically apply everything learned in the course immediately.

Offered as either in-house or online sessions, when completed you and your team will be positioned to take advantage of every opportunity LinkedIn has to offer.

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